Millennium Place - A Coventry and West Midlands Gem!

Millennium Place opened in the early 2000s with the Whittle Arch and the new frontage to the Coventry Transport Museum. Built on the site of the Coventry Theatre.

Where is Millennium Place?

Millennium Place is at Hales Street, Coventry, CV1 1JA.


In brief

Millennium Place in Coventry. This is where you will find the Coventry Transport Museum, the statue of Frank Whittle and the Whittle Arches. As well as the Glass Walk to Lady Herbert's Garden. Developed from 2002 on the former site of The Coventry Theatre.

Millennium PlaceFrank Whittle statue and Whittle Arches with Coventry Transport Museum at Millennium Place (February 2023). Photography by Jack Babington


Coventry Transport Museum

Formerly known as the Museum of British Road Transport, the Coventry Transport Museum opened in 1980. It has a collection of more than 240 cars and commercial vehicles, 100 motorcycles and 200 bicycles. It's also home to Thrust 2 and Thrust SSC, British jet car land speed record holders. The new frontage of the museum was built after 2002, and had a redevelopment of 12 out of the 14 galleries in 2015.

Coventry Transport MuseumCoventry Transport Museum at Millennium Place (March 2015). Photography by Elliott Brown


Frank Whittle statue

A bronze statue of Sir Frank Whittle at Millennium Place in Coventry. Sculpted by Faith Winter, unveiled in 2007. He was born in Coventry, it shows him watching the first test flight of a jet-propelled Gloster-Whittle E28/49 on 15th May 1941 at RAF Cranwall. The inventor of the jet engine.

Frank WhittleStatue of Frank Whittle at Millennium Place, Coventry (March 2015). Photography by Elliott Brown


Whittle Arches

The Whittle Arches is a stainless steel sculpture at Millennium Place in Coventry, installed in 2002, after the demolition of the Coventry Theatre. It is a large double winged like structure, outside of the Coventry Transport Museum.

Whittle ArchesWhittle Arches at Millennium Place, Coventry (March 2015). Photography by Elliott Brown



The Future Monument

An obelisk sculpture by Jochen Gerz called The Future Monument.

Future MonumentThe Future Monument at Millennium Place, Coventry (March 2015). Photography by Elliott Brown


The Public Bench

This was created between 1998 and 2004 by Jochen Gerz. Since 1999, the people of Coventry and visitors to the City have commemorated a friendship, a secret relationship or a memorable encounter, the invitation for everyone to contribute to the Public Bench continues until the space is covered with plaques.

The Public BenchThe Public Bench at Millennium Place, Coventry (March 2015). Photography by Elliott Brown


The Glass Walk

A spiral ramp, with a sky blue structure, it starts at Millennium Place near The Public Bench. Also called the Glass Bridge, it goes towards Lady Herbert's Gardens. There is views of the Swanswell Gate, The Old Fire Station and Pool Meadow Bus Station.

The Glass WalkThe Glass Walk at Millennium Place, Coventry (March 2015). Photography by Elliott Brown


The Coventry Theatre

At Hales Street from 1937 until 2002 was The Coventry Theatre. Originally named The New Hippodrome, it was the third Hippodrome on this site. The first was at Pool Meadow (1903) and the second (1907) built on what is now the lower part of Lady Herbert's Garden. It was renamed to the Coventry Theatre in 1955. In 1985 the theatre became a bingo hall and operated until it was demolished in 2002 to make way for Millennium Place, the Whittle Arch and the new frontage to Coventry Transport Museum. This plaque unveiled in 2004 by Coventry City Council.

The Coventry TheatrePlaque: site of The Coventry Theatre at Millennium Place, Coventry (March 2015). Photography by Elliott Brown


Coventry Big Wheel

From April to May 2018, around the Easter holidays (until May Day), there was a large ferris wheel at Millennium Place. Other events takes place here to do with the Transport Museum.

Coventry Big WheelBig Wheel at Millennium Place, Coventry (April 2018). Photography by Elliott Brown

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