Friars House - Modern Architecture in Coventry

Friars House is an 11 storey office block in Coventry City Centre on Manor House Drive. It is close to Junction Six of Coventry Ring Road and near Coventry Station.

Where is Friars House?

Friars House is on Manor House Drive, Coventry.  CV1 2TE

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In brief

Friars House is a landmark, multi-purpose business venue which is part of the Friargate regeneration scheme which cost £1.5 billion. Friars House has 11 storeys of prime working spaces in the heart of Coventry and is located just three minute walk from the city’s train station.

Friars House from Greyfriars Green, Coventry. Photography by Daniel Sturley.


Friars House - gallery

You can see Friars House from the other side of the Coventry Ring Road after leaving Coventry Station. You might also end up walking past it on Manor House Road, on your return to get your train back to Birmingham. There is also a footbridge, if you don't want to pass through the Friarsgate development.

Friars House

Friars House

Friars HouseFriars House, Coventry (April 2014). Photography by Elliott Brown


Friars HouseFriars House, Coventry (June 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


Contact details

Friars House Coventry

Asset managed by

Rupert Gillitt

Mark Robinson mark.d.robinson@realestate.bnparibas

Project dates

09 Aug 2021 - On-going


Modern Architecture

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